The Florida Visitor Toll Pass. 4 Steps to Save Money.

The Florida Visitor Toll Pass. 4 Easy Steps to Save Money.

The Florida Visitor Toll Pass.

If you are a regular visitor to Florida, you will be aware that there are a significant number of toll roads, and there are a lot more in the planning with express lanes already being built on a number of existing highways such as the popular I4. If you are visiting Orlando for the first time, the road systems can be a little daunting, however like all new things, you will soon pick it up, and become aware of what to look out for, including toll roads.

If you are planning on hiring a car in Florida, then you need to be aware that the chances are that you will encounter at least one toll road as you travel from your arrival airport to your accommodation. Many of these toll roads are now automated and do not provide the option of paying for them in cash.

When collecting your rental car you will more often than not find that the car rental companies will try to upsell their own toll pass to you. In our experience, these are very expensive, and attract a daily charge just to have the device in your vehicle, regardless of whether you use any toll roads or not.

Earlier this year (2024) at the point of collecting our rental car from the Dollar representative, we were offered a ‘SunPass’ at $13 per day ($13.91 inc tax). So for a 2 week stay, regardless of how many toll roads you used, the option would cost $194.74 or £155.79 at an exchange rate of $1.25 to 1GBP.

1. Getting a Florida Visitor toll Pass?

It is really simple. The Florida Toll Pass is managed completely through the use of the Florida visitor Toll Pass app which works on both iPhone and Android devices.

The Florida Visitor Toll Pass

Simply downloaded the app, create an account by entering your personal information as well as your arrival and departure times and dates.

Once your account is set up you will be given a QR code, after arriving into Orlando International Airport, you simply present your QR code at any of the automated booths located in terminals A, B and C. The machine will then issue you with your Florida visitor Toll Pass. It really is that simple.

If you experience any issues, there are staff on hand in the airport.

2. The Cost and Advantages of the Florida Visitor Toll Pass.

During the account setup process you will be required to add a payment card of your choice which will then be used to apply a credit of $10.00 to your Florida Visitor Toll Pass account.

Alternatively, if you use a lot of toll roads, your account will simply be credited from your payment card in increments of $10.00 at a time. It is worth pointing out that you will receive email updates as well as being able to check the status of any charges within the app at any time, where you will also see the cost for each toll road you have used. We have also found that the amount charged to us at each toll is less than that stated on the actual toll booths as they get a discounted rate, which reflects the 23% on tolls as advertised on the Florida visitor toll pass website.

There are no hidden fees, and unlike the likes of the SunPass option, the Florida visitor toll Pass, works on a pay as you go basis, you are not paying a daily rate regardless of whether you use a toll road or not. Then at the end of your stay you simply receive a refund of whatever credit was on your account at the time and date of the return of your Florida visitor toll pass.

3. How To Activate & Use the Florida Toll Pass?

Once you have collected both your Florida visitor toll Pass and your vehicle you must enter your vehicles registration number into the app before leaving the car rental garage.

Before leaving the car rental garage make sure that you have hung the toll pass from the internal mirror as instructed (barcode facing outward, away from the occupants). It is that simple.

Florida Visitor Toll Pass

Ensure that nothing obstructs the toll pass, and leave it in situ for the duration of your stay until it is time to return it.

If you have to change vehicles for whatever reason during your stay, then simply add the registration of your new vehicle to your account and hang from the mirror as previous.

4. What Happens When I return my Rental Car at The End of My Stay?

At the conclusion of your stay, ensure you remove your Florida visitor toll pass from the rental vehicle before handing the keys over, then simply place the pass in the Florida Visitor Pass bin as you come through the tunnel at the airport on your way to the check in desks. Don’t worry if you forget, your toll pass will expire in line with the time and date that you entered into the app when you created your account, however they do charge $10 to replace the pass.

Florida Visitor Toll Pass Return Bin

At the end of your stay, when you return your rental car, simply remove your Florida visitor toll pass from the internal mirror and place it in any of the return bins which are located within the airport, on your way to the check in desks. We always take a quick picture of the pass and bin, just in case there are any issues, however having used the Florida toll pass on a few occasions now, we have never had any issues whatsoever.

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